University of Michigan Research & Ford Motor Company
RITMO Transit

Tired of hunting for parking and walking across campus in frigid temperatures?

It's time to try Ritmo Transit
In partnership with Ford Motor company, the RITMO project is piloting a free shuttle system (RITMO Transit) on North Campus that, when fully deployed, will be the world’s first on-the-ground implementation of Uber-style ride sourcing and fixed-route buses integrated in one system.

You are invited

to take part in the VIP deployment of this exciting research project that is not yet available to the full campus community.

How does it work?
RITMO Transit supplements the high-frequency, blue U-M buses serving the busiest transportation hubs with a fleet of on-demand, shared shuttles to get riders to and from those hubs or directly to their destinations. Passengers hail rides from virtual stops using a smartphone app that calculates the most efficient journey to their destination.

The first phase of the RITMO Transit deployment is providing service to designated stops on and near North Campus during the off-peak hours of 7–11 p.m. Monday–Friday.
View the service map.

Get Onboard
It only takes two simple steps to start using RITMO Transit. All you need to do is:

  1. Register online using a umich e-mail address
  2. Download the RITMO app (IOS)

For more information
Visit the RITMO Transit website
Watch the RITMO Transit video