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The Center for the History of Medicine - University of Michigan
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Greetings from the Center for the History of Medicine
at the Simpson Memorial Institute

Once again, this past year has been a productive one for the Center for the History of Medicine. Hewing to its mission of research, teaching, public programming and outreach, the Center has been involved in a full slate of interesting projects and events over the course of 2016.

Science on Screen As part of its ongoing annual collaboration with the Michigan Theater’s “Science on Screen” series, the Center once again co-sponsored the screening of a medically related film followed by a lecture. This year we featured the film Erin Brockovich with a talk by the distinguished historian of public health Professor David Rosner, who has spent much of his career studying the history of the lead paint industry and the impact it has had on children and families exposed to it. Given the recent and ongoing crisis with the Flint water system, this was a particularly apropos film to screen. The audience – a large and diverse group made up of members from the University and the general public – was very interactive, and asked many questions of Professor Rosner.

Davenport Lecture In March, the Center hosted its 15th Annual Horace W. Davenport Lecture in the Medical Humanities. This year we invited Sara Rosenbaum, Professor of Health Law and Policy at George Washington University. Professor Rosenbaum has devoted her lengthy career to the issue of health justice for medically underserved populations, including working with several presidential administrations and Congresses. In her lecture, “Access to the Courts, Justice for the Poor: A Case Study of Medicaid,” Professor Rosenbaum discussed her work on health justice and the history and the challenges of providing healthcare to underserved populations through the Medicaid system. The event was held in collaboration with the U-M School of Public Health, and was well attended by many public health and medical faculty and students.

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Center for the History of Medicine
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